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Bakeware Warranty

Variance in appearance, change or superficial markings as a result of use, and normal wear and tear are not covered under warranty. Porcelain Bakeware is produced by hand and slight variance between products is normal and expected. Any damage resulti

Is Your Bakeware Lead & Cadmium Free?

Yes! All of our French-made Porcelain bakeware is 100% free of lead and cadmium.

Where is Your Bakeware Made?

Made In's Porcelain Bakeware line is produced in France in a facility that has perfected the process over 200 years. It's made from 3 ingredients and baked three times in the production process to ensure we produce the finest porcelain pieces in the

Is Your Bakeware Microwave & Oven Safe?

Our porcelain bakeware line is oven safe up to 650F. You can use our full bakeware collection in the microwave and freezer. However, you should never use your bakeware on the stovetop, and take care when transferring a piece from the oven to freezer

How to Clean Bakeware

While our bakeware is dishwasher safe, it's always best to wash by hand to keep every piece pristine. Simply use the soft side of a sponge with warm, soapy water, and you should always allow your bakeware to cool before beginning to clean or care for