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Non Stick

Non Stick Warranty

Non Stick cookware comes with a 1-year limited warranty. Improper storage, like unprotected stacking, and improper use and care are not covered. Use of medium heat or higher, exposure to temperatures above 500F, metal utensils, dishwasher use, or exp

Caring for Non Stick Cookware

Our performance non stick cookware is among the best, in terms of food release, and most durable available in the industry. With time, all non stick coatings will degrade and lose some of the peak performance. To keep your non stick performing at its

Is Non Stick Cookware Safe?

Made In Non Stick Cookware is made in the US and Italy with the same 5-ply metal composition as the rest of our Stainless Clad Cookware, with two layers of professional-grade non stick coating added. We work directly with industry experts in the manu

Is Non Stick Cookware Induction Compatible?

Yes, our cookware is induction compatible excluding our copper cookware and our aluminum sheet pans.

Are there lids for your Non Stick Frying Pans?

Yes! We sell a Universal Lid which fits most of our frying pans and our wok!