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Stainless Clad

Stainless Clad Warranty

Made In covers any defects that are a result of manufacturing. Changes in appearance, damage, or staining that is a result of normal wear and tear, and use of metal utensils are not covered under our manufacturer’s warranty. Warping or damage from pr

Is Your Stainless Clad Lead & Toxin Free?

All of our cookware is made without lead. Our cookware is professional-grade and meets or surpasses all relevant federal regulations.

Cooking with Stainless Clad

You’re about to make some of the best food you’ve ever made! To utilize your Stainless Clad pan to its full potential, here are a few key tips to use when cooking in it.

What is 5-Ply Stainless Cookware?

Premium stainless clad cookware is made by bonding 5 layers of metal together to capture the best qualities of each. The graphic below shows each layer in our Stainless Clad cookware. In the "premium" market you have things like tri-ply, 5-ply, coppe

Stainless Clad & Induction

All of our cookware is induction compatible excluding copper cookware and our aluminum sheet pans.

Is Stainless Clad Oven Safe?

Yes, our cookware is oven safe up to the following temperatures (Fahrenheit):.

How to Avoid Sticking with Stainless Clad Pan

Most occurrences of food sticking to your cookware is a result of overheating your pan. Getting your pan’s temperature right is important for both the cooking and cleaning processes. A pan that is too cold can cause the food to stick to it. A pan tha

Does Stainless Clad Require Seasoning?

No. Stainless Clad pans, unlike cast iron or carbon steel, do not need seasoning. We recommend an initial wash with warm, soapy water to remove any remaining factory residue before you cook your first meal.

What are the White Spots on my Stainless Clad?

Calcium is found in a lot of water supplies and can cause white spots on stainless steel pots and pans. Boiling a mixture of 1 part vinegar and 3 parts water, letting it cool completely and then washing and drying as normal can help fix this. White s

My Stainless Clad Lid is Not Coming Off

Stainless Clad lids can create a strong seal due to the temperature difference between the covered hot air inside the pan and cooler air in your kitchen. This most often occurs if you cover the pan and then immediately turn down the heat. Instead, ma