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Carbon Steel

Is my Carbon Steel Pan Damaged?

No, these are normal. The blue color is produced by a vegetable oil that is baked onto the metal during the manufacturing process, known as "annealing". This protects the pan from oxidation and helps to start the seasoning process. This dark blue veg

Warranty on Carbon Steel

Made In’s Carbon Steel products have a lifetime warranty that covers defects that impact use or longevity. Changes in appearance, superficial damage, and rust are not covered. Rust is a byproduct of the high iron content of carbon steel. Proper seaso

How to Cook with Carbon Steel

Carbon Steel is a great workhorse for any kitchen! It’s much more heat reactive than Stainless Clad or cast iron cookware, so you’ll find that it gets hotter much quicker and you’ll typically use less heat than you might be used to. When you first st

How do I Season Carbon Steel?

Cooking fatty proteins or with oils will continue to develop a seasoning over time. For your first seasoning, we recommend:. For more information on seasoning, visit our Seasoning Guide.

Carbon Steel & Acidic Ingredients

We recommend that you do not cook acidic foods in your Carbon Steel pan because it will strip away the seasoning you've worked hard to develop. If you do cook acidic foods in your Carbon Steel, re-season the pan before the next use. Adding acidic foo

Food Sticking

This is normal prior to developing a seasoning or extended use. Cooking with oils or fatty proteins will help this patina to develop. We recommend that you wait to cook eggs on your carbon steel cookware until you have developed a thorough seasoning.

Cleaning Carbon Steel

Similar to cast iron, you don't want to put your Carbon Steel pan in the dishwasher or use soap on it as this will strip the oils in your seasoning. Instead, use coarse salt and a rag or boil some water in the pan to free more stubborn stuck-on food.

Where is Carbon Steel Made?

Our carbon steel pans are made in France in a factory that has been crafting carbon steel for centuries. Our Carbon Steel Griddles and pre-seasoned pans are made in Sweden.

Carbon Steel Warping

Carbon steel can warp if heated or cooled too quickly which happens most frequently on glass stovetops and induction ranges or by running a hot pan under the faucet. This is a result of the exceptional conductivity of carbon steel as a metal. Tips to