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Warranty on Tabletop

Made In’s plateware is protected by a 1-year no chip guarantee. Exposure to heat above 600F, marks formed by accident or impacts in a dishwasher, and normal wear and tear are not covered. Beauty marks are not covered under warranty.

What are these marks?

Our plateware has pin marks, which we call "beauty marks", as a result of the glazing process where our plateware is suspended to allow for a full glaze.This process eliminates the need for an unfinished foot, or rim, on the underside of the plate, m

Can I put my Plateware in the Oven, Microwave & Freezer?

Yes! Our fully vitrified plateware is safe for the microwave, freezer, dishwasher, and the oven, up to 572F.

How to Clean Plateware

All plateware is dishwasher safe. If you wash them by hand, you can use dish soap and a soft sponge. The glazing process also ensures your plateware will resist stains. Our plates are fully glazed as well. During glazing, each piece is suspended with

Where is Your Plateware Made?

Our plates are made in Stoke-On-Trent, England by craftsmen who have been creating ceramic dinnerware exclusively for the finest hotels and restaurants for over 150 years.